Vehicle Diagnostics in Cincinnati, OH

diagnostics & Toyota Repair in Cincinnati, OHWhen it comes to detecting car trouble it is often up to the driver to determine if there is a potential problem. Many times an issue may become known if there is a strange noise, a weird smell or an odd vibration that occurs while driving, but it takes further investigation and diagnostics to properly assess the issue to figure out exactly what is wrong. At Parkway Automotive we complete expert diagnostics using state of the art technology to ensure problems fixed right the first time. If you suspect your car is in need of service or if the check engine light or any other dashboard indicator light has come on be sure to visit our shop for expert automotive diagnostics in Cincinnati.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

All too often the check engine light will illuminate and be ignored by drivers. This is quite unfortunate, seeing as this light will usually be an indicator of some small issue that if quickly addressed can be repaired rather inexpensively. The longer that you wait to have diagnostics and repairs completed the worse the problem will get, resulting in a higher bill. If you need check engine light repairs in Cincinnati head to Parkway Automotive. We'll give you all of your options for repairs and provide an accurate estimate for their costs.

State of the Art Diagnostic Technology

Our technicians have access to the latest diagnostic and repair equipment at our modern auto repair shop. This ensures that we are able to figure out exactly what is wrong with your car and get it back on the road fast. New vehicles are full of sensors and microprocessors that monitor the engine, transmission, and other systems' performance. If something seems amiss an indicator light will come on, meaning it's time to visit our shop for further diagnostics. Our investment in this high tech equipment allows us to service all makes and models of import and domestic vehicles, even ones that just rolled off the assembly line. We're a true dealership alternative in Cincinnati.

ASE Certified Technicians

ASE Certified Technicians in Cincinnati, OHTo provide you with the best possible service our technicians are ASE certified, meaning they've undergone extensive training, testing and have had valuable on the job experience. We want your trip to Parkway Automotive to be a success, and that starts with employing the most qualified technicians.

When your car is running rough, grinding gears, or otherwise performing poorly you can trust Parkway Automotive to diagnose and repair the problem. To get to the bottom of your car's trouble schedule automotive diagnostics in Cincinnati by calling (513) 586-4572 and speaking with our friendly team.

"Excellent service! Well educated and executed. Fair prices and friendly environment. My brakes have never been this good, even 85,000 miles ago. Thank you! Definitely recommended."

"Everyone at Parkway Automotive was very friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend this auto shop to everyone especially if you are new to Cincinnati!"