Why are Fluid Flush Services Necessary?

Why are Fluid Flush Services Necessary?Gas may be the liquid that you put into your vehicle most often, but it isn't the only fluid that your car utilizes to operate. Aside from engine oil, there are a number of liquids that play a critical role in getting you safely and reliably to your destination. Coolant, AKA antifreeze, transmission fluid, differential fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid each operate within their designated system, but from time to time they need to be drained and refilled, a process called a fluid flush, to ensure they are free of contaminants. Fluid flushes are scheduled maintenance services needed by all cars and trucks, but why do they need to be completed?

Transmission Flush

Transmission fluid provides the lubrication necessary to keep the gears shifting smooth. If your vehicle operates with dirty or low transmission fluid levels you will find your car having a hard time getting through the gears.You may notice delayed shifts or grinding gears.

Differential Flush

The differential transfers power from the driveline to the wheels, which requires it to redirect the flow of the power. Contaminated differential fluid can result in major damage to the gears that complete this service.

Coolant Flush

The cooling system plays a critical role in engine health, and it relies on coolant to properly operate. If coolant becomes contaminated with dust, dirt or simply breaks down due to the extreme conditions it operates in, your car could be subject to overheating, which will lead to engine damage.

Brake Fluid Flush

The brakes are your vehicle's most important safety feature, so it is critical to provide them with service anytime you believe they have a problem. A brake fluid flush will remove debris and air that could cause issues such as a malfunctioning wheel cylinder or a soft brake pedal.

Power Steering Flush

If you hear a clicking noise when you turn the steering wheel your car is likely due for a power steering flush. Don't delay having this service completed when it is time, as doing so could result in problems with the power steering system, including a damaged pump.

Keeping up with all scheduled auto maintenance is the best way to ensure that your car remains in excellent condition for miles and miles. If your vehicle is due for a fluid flush in Cincinnati head to Parkway Automotive. We provide full service repair and maintenance for all makes and models. Anytime your car is due for factory auto maintenance in Cincinnati, give us a call at (513) 586-4572. We look forward to helping you stay on the road.

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