3 Signs Your Car Needs Clutch Repair

3 Signs Your Car Needs Clutch RepairIn a very basic sense, the vehicle's clutch is used as a lever to regulate the distribution of power created by the engine to the wheels. Ultimately, the clutch connects the engine and the tires, with help from a few parts in between. The clutch is necessary to shift gears in a manual transmission vehicle, as pressing on the clutch pedal disengages the engine from the transmission. If you begin to have trouble with your car's manual transmission and notice any of the signs below, there is a good chance it is time for clutch repair.

Sticking Clutch

If it becomes difficult to to press the clutch down or if the clutch seems to get stuck close to the floor, then it's likely the hydraulic linkage utilized by the clutch has failed. It may just need to be adjusted, however there is a good chance that a leak of the hydraulic fluid has caused a loss of pressure. The latter would require a complete clutch linkage replacement and possibly a new clutch plate.

Slipping Gears

If your vehicle continuously slips out of gear or seems to lurch or jerk forward forward as you drive for no apparent reason, then your clutch is likely worn down and needs to be replaced. However, another common cause of this is an oil leak that is dripping onto the clutch plate and causing excessive lubrication that results in the gear slipping.

Burning Paper Smell

You likely remember learning to drive a clutch and experiencing the burning smell as you learned how to accelerate in first gear. Well if that smell becomes a regular occurrence and you're now a veteran driver of stick shift vehicles it means there is a larger problem at hand. While the problem is often caused by excessive wear from driving in slow moving traffic it can also be an indicator that you need a clutch adjustment, especially if you notice any smoke accompanying the smell.

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