6 Signs Your Car Requires Transmission Repair

6 Signs Your Car Requires Transmission RepairThe engine is responsible for creating the power that moves your car, but it is the transmission that gets that power to the tires, which it does so via the driveline. If the transmission were to run into trouble it could result in your vehicle being unable to move, but that is an extreme condition. It is important to visit a transmission repair center if you notice any signs of transmission trouble, including these common symptoms of trouble.

Grinding Noise

One of the most reported signs of trouble is a grinding noise that occurs as the transmission shifts. This can occur in both manual and automatic transmissions and may represent a variety of issues. Fortunately it can usually be remedied by ensuring proper transmission fluid levels.

Delayed Shifting

If the engine revs high as you shift from park to drive there is definitely trouble with the transmission. This may be a computer issue, but chances are, your transmission is low on tranny fluid.

Popping Out of Gear

If you drive a manual transmission and your tranny suddenly pops out of gear into neutral it is integral to visit a repair shop as soon as possible. This is a dangerous problem as it can prevent you from being able to properly control your car.

Burning Smell

A whiff of something burning is a sure sign of trouble. With an automatic transmission a burning smell that arises during shifting represents an overheating transmission, which can cause poor lubrication inside of it. A manual transmission that causes a burning smell likely indicates that it is time for a new clutch.

Can't get into Gear

Being unable to get into gear likely means your car is going to need some sort of serious repair, including the possibility of a transmission rebuild. The only way to figure out the best way to fix your transmission a technician will need to take a closer look and conduct diagnostics.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Have you spotted a reddish fluid leaking from your car? There is a good chance that it is transmission fluid. Low levels of transmission fluid can cause nearly every problem listed above, so it is necessary to address leaks as soon as they are noticed.

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