4 Common Signs of a Failing Alternator

4 Common Signs of a Failing AlternatorCars need a lot of electricity in order to start and to continue running, as well as to power all of their various systems and accessories. Where does that stream of electricity come from? The alternator. The alternator utilizes the motion of the engine to create electricity in order to keep you moving. Yet, as the miles add up, as with most parts of a vehicle, the alternator can fail. If you encounter any of the following signs of alternator failure it would be wise to head to the auto repair shop, before you end up with a car that won't start.

Dim Lights

The alternator is tasked with providing the electricity that operates the lights as the engine is running. If your vehicle's headlights or dash lights are noticeably dimmer or flickering, there's a good chance the alternator is on its way out. If you think this may be the case, rev your engine with the lights on; if they get brighter when you rev, it's almost certainly an alternator issue.

Electrical Issues

It's probable that you will begin to have issues operating electrical accessories such as power seats or windows. You may not be able to utilize interior lights or the radio could even shut itself off if the alternator is unable to produce the power necessary to operate it.

Engine Stalling

Since fuel injection systems require a large amount of electricity to operate, there's a good chance the engine itself will shut off while driving, since gasoline won't be able to flow into the combustion chamber.

Dead Battery

A telltale sign of a malfunctioning alternator is a repeatedly dead battery. While you may jump start the car the first time it happens, thinking maybe a light was left on or something, if the battery continuously dies, it is most likely because the alternator is no longer able to recharge it.

Additionally, the vehicle will likely trigger a dashboard warning light if the alternator is failing. It usually will read ALT or GEN, but it could be your car's check engine light that comes on, depending on the model. If you believe that your car needs alternator repair in Cincinnati head to Parkway Automotive. Our skilled technicians will be able to quickly identify and repair the issue at hand, whatever it may be, using the latest auto repair technology. Give us a call at (513) 586-4572 to schedule superior auto repair in Cincinnati today.

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