Common Signs it is Time for Auto Repair

Common Signs it is Time for Auto RepairModern vehicles are more complex in terms of computing power than the first space ships that went to the moon. They are incredibly intricate machines that are designed to safely and comfortably transport human beings with simple control. However, they are mechanical and do have many moving parts. These parts will wear down over time, resulting in a need for auto repair. General auto maintenance will help keep your car running great, but even still, it is important to pay attention for signs of trouble. If you notice any of the following be sure to get to a repair shop right away.


Strange noises coming from your car can indicate a variety of issues. Common sounds including grinding noises while braking, indicating low brake pads, or whining noises when shifting, which could mean that your transmission fluid is low.


There are plenty of smells that can be representative of car trouble. A dirty laundry odor often means that there is mold in your heater or air conditioner vents. If it smells like burning oil it is probably because your car is leaking oil onto hot engine parts. A sweet, maple like smell indicates trouble with the coolant.


If you feel a shake or a shimmy while driving your car be sure to note where you think it is coming from. An exhaust leak could cause the gas pedal to vibrate. Warped brake rotors will result in an unsteady brake pedal.


Have you spotted something dripping from your car? You'll want to get that looked at right away. Your car uses a variety of fluids to operate its numerous systems. This includes power steering fluid, coolant for the cooling system, engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and differential fluid.

Dashboard Indicators

The check engine light is the most well known light on the dashboard, but it isn't the only one. Other lights can come on if sensors in your car detect a problem. You may spot the engine temperature light, transmission temperature light, TPMS light, battery light, ABS light or any number of others. Head to a shop for proper diagnostics.

As soon as you suspect car trouble get to an auto repair shop to have the issue checked out. The longer you wait the worse the problem will get. For expert auto repair in Cincinnati for all makes and models contact Parkway Automotive. Since 1987 we've been helping our friends and neighbors keep their cars running great. Give us a call at (513) 586-4572 to request an appointment for quality car repair in Cincinnati.

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